Bluff Creek Falls
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to get naked? 

This is the number one most frequently asked question. No. Optional means optional. It's completely up to you. Some men get naked and some men don't. There is no pressure either way. However, lot's of men Party Naked!

How can I get reservations for the busiest weeks and weekends? 

Holidays and long weekends book up fast. Your best bet is to reserve as early as possible. That way you can usually book the cabin or RV site you like best. Holidays and long weekends are always a blast at BCF, that's why they sell out fast! Reserve 2 Nights and get the 3rd night Free! (Some restrictions apply.)

What is Bluff Creek Falls?

Bluff Creek Falls is a community built by men in a natural rustic setting for men with an active lifestyle and a open mind who love nature and being around other men. We look forward to seeing you! 

Why do I need to call before arriving? 

You must call us at least one hour prior to your arrival for admittance. Some cell phones do not receive service in our mountainous terrain.

Can I visit BCF for just one day?

Yes you can!! Members (you must first join and become a member) can visit using a Day Pass that allows unlimited use of the facilities. A Day Pass is just $10.00 on weekends,$6.00 weekdays and holidays are $15.00. You can arrive anytime from 9am to 9pm. But, you must call ahead at least 20 minutes before your arrival.

Is BCF open all year?

Yes. You can have fun every day of the year!  

What holidays are celebrated at BCF?

The holidays at BCF are Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Halloween. 

What is there to do at BCF?

Plenty! Start with their magnificent mountain top location. Hike, walk or stroll through the bluffs and massive rock formations to creeks, spectacular waterfalls, caverns, caves and some of natures most beautiful sights. Enjoy the pool during the summer. From nature trails to “The Cruising Trail”, you'll find what you are looking for! BCF features themes and events on weekends throughout he year. Check the “Calendar" for the upcoming schedule. There are frequent "open house" parties for everyone to enjoy and have fun. Weekends feature bonfires, social hours (BYOB) and our "Famous Pot Luck" on Saturday's at 5:30pm. There's always plenty to do at BCF! You are going to love this place! 

I don't care for camping. What is there for me? 

There are many activities and things for you to do. Check out the above question. You don’t need to be a camper to have a great time at BCF! Even non-campers love this place!

I have been to BCF and I love it! How can I have my own site?

Beautiful sites are available! You can keep your tent, RV, camper or park model (cabin) on your very own site! The cost is extremely reasonable! BCF also has a program to help you pay for the site. You could even make money! Talk to us about this opportunity!

Why must I be a member to enter BCF?

BCF is not open to the public. It is private (members only). Annual membership is just $15. You can join upon arrival.

How can I learn more about BCF?

Check out the BCF website or “click on” Big John’s Mountain News or BCF Facebook to learn more. It’s all about Bluff Creek Falls, news, information & gossip!

The best way to learn about Bluff Creek Falls, is to come visit! 


"Bluff Creek Falls, You’re gonna love this place!”