Bluff Creek Falls
Phone: 205-515-7882
F. A. Q.Residency Opportunities

R E S I D E N C Y    O P P O R T U N I T I E S
Bluff Creek Falls offers both Seasonal and Permanent Campsites for year-round living. As a Seasonal or Permanent Resident, you can come any time of the day or night, any day of the week, stay for a day, entire season or make BCF your home.

Permanent campsites are great because you can have a
deck, covered porch or add-on screen room. Depending
on size of the lot permanent sites can have small sheds
for storage of your gear and all things needed to enjoy
the “good life” at BCF.


Included for men named on the lease is 30/50 amp
hookup, water, dump-station access. Semi-permanent
residents are limited to 182 days stay per year. All applicants for semi-permanent and permanent residency may be subject to a background check.

Semi-permanent basic lots begin at $2480 per year prepaid. Resident pays electric.

Full-time basic lots begin at $2840 per year prepaid. Resident pays electric.


Monthly RV stay for men named on lease includes unlimited campground access, amenities, electric and water.
Rate is $410 per month.

Monthly Tent Sites includes unlimited campground access, amenities and power. Rate is $200 per month.